5 Clothing Rules You Should Never Break When Playing Golf

Playing Golf

Golf is a game mainly played by royalties here. That is why there is a set formality if you want to play golf in society today. This is more reflected in the type of clothing you should wear when playing golf.

Most golf courses and golf clubs have dress codes that every player is expected to adhere to. So, if you plan to go for a golf game with your friend or business associates, here are some basic rules of golf clothing to keep in mind:

Don’t Wear T-Shirts

The best attire to wear when playing golf is usually a collared shirt rather than custom T-shirts & hoodies. This is the most important rule in golf clothing, and most golf clubs are usually strict about it. A polo shirt is also recommendable since it is comfortable and cool. On the other hand, women are usually encouraged to wear collared shirts that have a well-designed opening in-front.

Wear Golf Slacks and Khakis, Not Jeans

When playing golf, golfers should avoid wearing jeans and opt for khakis or slacks instead. You can choose khakis or slacks of any color as long as they have belt loops, meaning that you will be wearing a belt.

Ensure you don’t wear slacks that have cuffs because they can accumulate sand, causing hazards. Moreover, a variety of chino trousers are acceptable while denim is a no-go. Cargo trousers that have side pockets are usually proscribed.

Wear Shorts, But Not Too Short

Both men and women are allowed to wear shorts when playing golf. However, the shorts should not be too tight nor too short. They need to be tailored just like normal trousers and should be above the knee. Just like other golf clothing, the shorts should have belt loops.

Wear Proper Shoes and Socks

This is something else that golfers should keep in mind. The last thing you want is go to a golf course while wearing sandals or rubber shoes. Golfing has its own specific shoes which have soft spikes instead of metal spikes. Moreover, your socks need to match your trouser. If you are wearing shorts, opt for light-colored socks. You must also change your shoes in a locker room and not in the parking lot or your car as most people do.

Tone down the color of your clothing

Brightly colored polo shirts can cause distraction. Hence, it is advisable to go for colors that are toned down and something simpler. This is especially true if you are playing a golf game with a business associate or a client that you are trying to close a business deal with. Some preferable colors include tan, gray, cream, khaki, and beige.

If you choose to go for something on top of your head, there are multiple head wears that you can choose from including wide-brim hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, visors, and cowboy hats.


These are some of the important rules you should remember any time you go to a golf course. In case you are not sure of what to wear, call the golf club to find out more. These rules are not set to make anyone feel limited, but they ensure respect for all golf players.

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