Beat Weed Tests – How Do Athletes Do It?

Drug tests are common for athletes. These are required since it’s part of the law, and it stops athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs. However, though not necessarily strictly an enhancer, marijuana is also included in these tests.

Athletes also take weed tests, but they aren’t necessarily treating it with more seriousness compared to other kinds of tests. In fact, some athletes take MJ even if they’re about to take a drug test. Some just cheat by submitting Synthetic urine if they have to. How? Here’s what you need to know about athletes and weed tests.

Weed Tests for Athletes

In general, drugs are prohibited in sports. That’s why weed is also a part of the drug test athletes take part in. This is because drugs are deemed state-altering and not ideal for athletes, especially when they’re active. Drugs also lose athletes’ eligibility because they can affect their performances. Despite this, some athletes, though not taking performance-enhancing drugs, still take marijuana.

How Do Athletes Do It?

Taking a Detox Drink

Some athletes buy any detox drink and chug it down in the hopes that it will dilute the weed in their system. In some cases, some athletes just drink water. They drink enough until the marijuana in their bloodstream is washed out. Other times, these athletes combine detox drinks and water. Most of the time, they get away with this method.

Submitting Synthetic Urine

Some athletes take fake urine with them. They simply bring with them the synthetic urine and use it to run the test. Depending on how strict the test is, they’re likely to succeed with this method. Weed, after all, is not as strictly seen as other drugs taken by athletes.

Taking Supplements

Supplements like salt pills and multivitamins are also taken. They take these and drink a lot of water until the day of the test to ensure that they’re clean. This method is commonly followed and has been observed in multiple athletes who shared their experiences.

Weeds Tests and Its Current State

Drug testing time depends on the place. In NFL, for instance, they do this in April. Recreational drugs are tested once, and the main aim is to catch athletes using performance-enhancing drugs rather than weed.

Why are weed tests still followed then? Well, it’s the protocol even if it’s taken lightly. Plus, there are big companies tied here, like the National Cannabis Industry Association. Lastly, weed is now being deemed as a drug for more liberalization, but for now, let’s just say that it’s still part of the list of drugs to be tested. It takes a lot of adjustments for marijuana to be openly legalized everywhere, so protocols are still followed depending on where you’re at.

If you’re an athlete, it’s ideal to just skip the weed during your active days. Regardless if weed is legal in your place or not, you can simply skip it when you’re actively participating in a game and just do it recreationally when you’re free.

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