Maintenance Update

Maintenance Update July 25th

Update on Goals for the 2017 Season

Faster Greens
Our greens have been consistently firmer and faster than last year. We are rolling more, mowing and rolling in combination more and we are mowing at a lower height than at any point last year.

We have finished redistributing sand in the greenside bunkers. We have finished edging the greenside bunkers. We are still hand raking the greenside bunkers.

Proactive Fungicide Applications
We are staying on schedule with our applications and the greens are healthy.

Annual Bluegrass Control
We have applied both applications of annual bluegrass control to the fairways. We have one application on the tees and the second one is going on this week. All greens and collars have been spot sprayed. These are the yellowish spots on the greens.


Respectfully submitted,

Matt Blackburn,
Golf Course Superintendent


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