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Located nearby the entrance hall, the Lakes Clubhouse offers elegance and class. The structure is accessed through the side entrance from the main hall across the 300-seater cafeteria. However, it is only availed by club members.
The clubhouse is a two-story structure. On the first level is an amazing kitchen where you can make all sorts of comfort foods. The kitchen also features a large fridge containing a wide range of beverages and desserts. The entertainment area has a large LED TV wherein you can view 4K resolution movies or play games on a PlayStation 4 console.
A billiard table and a ping-pong table can also be found …

Golf Course

The Lakes Golf Club has 3 amazing, main golf courses and all of them can be played in the standard 18-hole format. The beauty of the surroundings is landscaped in favor for the golfing sport without incurring irreversible damages. The entire facility is properly maintained at the best shape and the environmental responsibility is never disregarded.
All the 3 golf courses have different terrains and present different challenges. The Golf Course 1 has the easiest course among the three. It has mostly plain playing field with a few slopes involved. This golf course is mostly accessed by golf players between the ages of 17 and below, …

Pro Shop

The Lakes Golf Club Pro Shop offers wide array of golf-related products and services and other merchandises. It is located beside the entrance hall, on the path towards the golf training area.
The Pro Shop offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jogging pants, towels, shoes, bags and caps. They can all be custom-made with advanced notice. We have wide variety of sizes for teens and adults. Sporting gears from different brands are also available here.
If you are looking for grips, finger wraps, knee bands and injury-aiding gear, the pro shop has it all. Also, if you are looking for golf clubs, you can find them in this shop. …


CBD and How It Affects Your Golf Game

CBD has also made its way into the golfing world. Many golfers are embracing the use of CBD for varying reasons. You might be asking, isn’t that doping? The answer is no; it’s not doping.
CBD (cannabidiol) is a product derived from cannabis minus THC, the chemical that gets people high. Cannabidiol has medicinal properties and is, therefore, only used for healing purposes. For those seeking a different experience, some golfers even explore the benefits of THCa carts on the green.
If you’re still wondering whether CBD will get you high during your pars, read on for some …


Beat Weed Tests – How Do Athletes Do It?

Drug tests are common for athletes. These are required since it’s part of the law, and it stops athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs. However, though not necessarily strictly an enhancer, marijuana is also included in these tests.
Athletes also take weed tests, but they aren’t necessarily treating it with more seriousness compared to other kinds of tests. In fact, some athletes take MJ even if they’re about to take a drug test. Some just cheat by submitting Synthetic urine if they have to. How? Here’s what you need to know …


Tips and Benefits of Golf for Weight Loss

Golf is a great way to get some exercise and lose weight. Not only is it a fun and enjoyable sport, but it also requires a lot of walking and can burn a significant amount of calories. Starting with discussing how to reduce cravings with the best suppressant, we cover how you can include playing golf in your weight loss methods.
But first, let’s cover the benefits of golf for weight loss and tips for maximizing weight loss while playing golf.
It is a low-impact sport
One of the main benefits of…

Events Tips

Benefits of CBD for Full-Contact Sports Athlete

Many action sports such as golfing, surfing, skating, trail cycling, basketball, and others can cause a certain degree of soreness or aches. These sports are really fun to watch, heart-racing, and thrilling. However, most people don’t know about the struggles the athletes suffer and the body pains they are experiencing. CBD products can help in this regard. Here is how:
An Overview of CBD
CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in hemp plants or cannabis. Albeit the research involving CBD is very limited, there have been many signs …


2020 Members-only Golf Exhibition

The 2020 Members-only Golf Exhibition will be held within the last week of November 2020.
This is open to all non-professional members regardless of age and gender. The twist involves a few challenging tasks within the normal 18-hole course. Sole winner of a single challenge will be rewarded with a $ 1,000 bonus. The number of players for the roster is limited to 20.
Entry Fee:
For Regular members:      $ 100 (non-participant for challenges)
$ 500 (participant for …


2020 Lakes Golf Club Open Tournament

The 2020 Lakes Golf Club Open Tournament will be held within the first week of December 2020.
The tournament is open for all amateur and semi-professionals of all genders from ages 16 to 60 years old. The first 20 players registered will fill up the roster. The prize money is around $20,000 awarded to the charity of choice.
Entry Fee:
For Non-members:           $ 250
For Regular members:      $ 200
Start Times:
The tee times for …


2020 Amateur Golf Tournament

The 2020 Amateur Golf Tournament will be held within the first week of November 2020.
The event will of 3 Divisions: Men’s (18 to 60 years old), Women’s (18 to 60 years old), and Under-18 (12 to 17 years old). The adult divisions will run a course of 18 holes while the teens’ divisions will run a course of 12 holes only.
Only 10 players per division will be allowed to play in the actual tournament. Screening and evaluation will be based on golfing record, current health status and police record. Final …