Located nearby the entrance hall, the Lakes Clubhouse offers elegance and class. The structure is accessed through the side entrance from the main hall across the 300-seater cafeteria. However, it is only availed by club members.

The clubhouse is a two-story structure. On the first level is an amazing kitchen where you can make all sorts of comfort foods. The kitchen also features a large fridge containing a wide range of beverages and desserts. The entertainment area has a large LED TV wherein you can view 4K resolution movies or play games on a PlayStation 4 console.

A billiard table and a ping-pong table can also be found in the entertainment area, closer to the exclusive swimming pool. When you go up to the second level through the modernly designed staircase, you’ll find 6 six bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Each bedroom also has a walk-in closet and a powder area.

In case you have a PWD guest, he/she can be transported conveniently to the second level via the ramp access. The second level has a grand terrace that has a panoramic view of majority of Lakes Golf Club facility.

Any member who avails the clubhouse can bring up to 29 guests and they can stay for a week. All rates and other fees are standardized regardless of the age, gender or health condition of each of the guests.

Reservations must be booked a month prior and the list of guests must be also finalized at that time. For security measures, valid identification cards are required for all the guests.