About Us

The Lakes Golf Club brings the sport of golf closer to the hearts of the people of Canada. With just less than an hour-ride away from the center of Toronto, the stunning golf course resides and blends smoothly with the natural environment. A hillside journey with a lively fish-filled creek – there is no denying that this golf course will make you appreciate nature more.

The green fields consist of 3 golf courses, all with unique challenges and obstacles carefully strategized. The grass carpets are well-maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from spring to autumn season.

Sitting nearby at the entrance hall of the entire facility is the clubhouse that can house 30 guests and overlooks the entire golf courses. It has quick access to the 300-seater cafeteria and exclusive use of an elegant swimming pool.

On the other side of the entrance hall is the line of golf-related facilities. It has merchandise shops, equipment rental, and the practice area that can accommodate 20 users. The facility holds around 10 function rooms, which are perfect for all occasions. Besides, the function rooms can be adjusted based on the demands of the events.

We, at The Lakes Golf Club, provide you with the best affordable golf course experience you can ever imagine. We will meet and exceed your expectations whether you are an amateur or professional, female or male.