Golf Course

The Lakes Golf Club has 3 amazing, main golf courses and all of them can be played in the standard 18-hole format. The beauty of the surroundings is landscaped in favor for the golfing sport without incurring irreversible damages. The entire facility is properly maintained at the best shape and the environmental responsibility is never disregarded.

All the 3 golf courses have different terrains and present different challenges. The Golf Course 1 has the easiest course among the three. It has mostly plain playing field with a few slopes involved. This golf course is mostly accessed by golf players between the ages of 17 and below, senior elders and PWDs.

The Golf Course 2 involves a lot of crossing bodies of water like creeks and rivers. Some holes are situated on an islet and can be accessed by crossing the narrow bridge or riding on a small boat.

On the other hand, the Golf Course 3 is designed to overcome the challenges of forest and marshes. Both have higher levels of difficulty and are designed for professionals.

Aside from the main golf courses, there are also areas dedicated for mini golfing and training field. They are perfect for family bonding especially with kids aspiring to be golfers. The field is located on the outer boundary of the whole facility but is still very much accessible from the entrance hall.

Whether a beginner, amateur, semi-pro or professional, the Lakes Golf Club offers exceptional golfing experiences to match all playing levels.