Here’s How You Can Lose Weight With Golf

Lose Weight With Golf

More and more people today are recognizing the value of weight maintenance. With how significantly weight affects long-term health, Research and Markets reports that the global weight loss market is expected to keep growing in the years to come. It is projected to rise from $254.9 billion in 2021 to $377.3 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 8.2%. However, weight loss involves more than just dieting. Health experts from WeightWatchers highlight how most weight loss programs benefit largely from exercise, as it helps achieve the calorie deficit you need to lose weight. One without the other can stunt your progress when it comes to weight management.

One unexpected form of exercise that can help you with this is golf. Golf requires a lot of physical activity because you’re constantly on the move as you play. But just as the perfect swing needs to have a good setup, backswing, and finish, your weight loss efforts need a thorough follow-through. Here are some ways that you can boost weight loss with golf.

Frequent the driving range

One of the best ways that you can maximize weight loss with golf is by hitting the driving range. Not only does this help you condense the number of calories you burn within a certain period, but it allows you to practice your swing. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

An article from Golfweek notes that calories burned at the driving range can vary based on your weight. Within an hour, a 130lb person can burn an average of 177 calories, a 155lb person 211, and a 190lb person 259. Additionally, you can burn even more by carrying your golf clubs. A 155-pound person can burn about 387 calories doing so for an hour.

Walk the golf course

Walking can be a good way to sneak some extra exercise into your routine. Doctors on MedicineNet state that walking briskly for 30 minutes can help you burn up to 100 to 200 calories, depending on your weight. Fortunately, with golf, there are abundant opportunities for you to do so.

If you ditch the golf cart, you can maximize the calories you burn throughout the course. With golf, you might not even feel the strain because of how scenic your view is. Our golf courses here at Lake Golf Club present diverse natural elements, from creeks and rivers to forests and marshes. It’s not often that you can get a good workout surrounded by so much beauty.

Carry your golf clubs

If you want to make walking the golf course even more challenging, you can add intensity to the activity by carrying your golf clubs. This helps you burn even more calories, as a 155lb person can burn about 387 calories doing walking with their clubs for an hour.

More than this, however, carrying your golf clubs helps you burn more calories even while you’re at rest. Walking with weights serves as a low-impact strength training that can build more muscle in your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Muscle tissue requires additional energy compared to body fat, raising your metabolism. This means that even when at rest, your body continues to burn even more calories. So by simply carrying your golf clubs, you can extend the duration of the effects of your workout.

On top of the abundant health and social benefits you can get, golf can also serve as a great avenue for weight loss. By maximizing opportunities for exercise and supplementing your lifestyle with a balanced diet, you will be able to reach your goals in no time.

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