August Course Report

Course Report

August 2017


The course is drying out even with irrigation. We need a good day of steady rain. We still have water in the pond but we are being cautious of how we use it. We are doing lots of hand watering to make sure the water gets directly where it is needed. The greens moisture has been perfect, keeping them firm but still receptive.

We were seeing a negative effect, in the heat, from the growth regulator we use to slow the growth of the turf. This is a major tool in maintaining high green speeds. We had to pull this product from our program during the hot weather and high humidity in mid to late July. We also had to give the greens a little push with some fertilizer to aide in recovering from the damage. I’m sure nobody probably noticed the damage but we are pushing the greens pretty hard and therefore we are watching them very close. This push in growth caused a drop in green speed compared to June and early July. However, the greens were still putting over nine feet on the stimpmeter. The greens at this year’s Nova Scotia Amateur were reading just over nine feet.

We seemed to have turned the corner and the greens are back up to their normal speed. The high heat seems to have passed and the greens were in great condition for the Club Championships. With rain in the forecast this week all the turf may get a bit of a breather. If you notice brown spots in the fairways please make and effort not to drive through them. In the heat the carts will further damage the turf.

We are in the process of constructing new tee markers. We have been working at them on and off when we get time between our daily tasks.

We are very pleased with the participation in the divot filling program. With a small staff and lots to do it has been a huge help having golfers filling their divots with the sand bottles.

I had to return to the club one evening last week to put out a smouldering fire in the woods. This was most likely cause by an arrant cigarette butt. If you are smoking on the course please be cautious of where your cigarette butts end up. Last week could have easily turned into a bad situation.

There is still lots of golf left, so enjoy the amazing stretch of weather and get out and enjoy the course!


Matt Blackburn

Golf Course Superintendent


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