Cancellation Policy

•The person who made the booking is responsible to amend or cancel the reservation a minimum of 24 hours before tee off without penalty.

•A $20 per person cancellation fee will be charged to the cardholder of the person who made the booking if the tee time cannot be re-sold or spots filled with walk-ons with less than 4 hours notice

•If a group shows up with less players than what has been booked without amending the reservation a minimum of 4 hours prior to the tee time, a cancellation fee will be applied

•In the event of inclement weather, the cancellation fee may be waived, but we would appreciate a call as a courtesy to others wishing to book tee times.

Lightning Policy

The Lakes Golf Club will notify all golfers on the course if there is lightning in the area. Golfers are required to vacate the course and return to the clubhouse immediately when lightning is forecasted or present.

Rain Check Policy

If you start your round at The Lakes Golf Club and it isn’t raining we will issue a pro rated rain check (i.e. Played 9 holes, rain cheque will be worth 50% of what you paid in golf club credit).

 If you choose to play The Lakes Golf Club and its raining when you tee off, there will be no rain check issued.

No refund available if any passes are used.

Dress Code

• No tank tops or cutoffs
• Athletic footwear (no metal spikes)
• No bare feet please


Under no circumstance will any guest or member at The Lakes Golf Club bring their own alcohol. Only alcohol purchased at the club is allowed on the course.

Cart Rental Policies

• 2 riders per cart
• Max 2 carts per group
• Must have a valid drivers license to operate the golf cart
• Please do not drive through the fescue grass or any sensitive areas
• Guests are responsible for any damage incurred to carts
• The Lakes Golf Club reserves the right to revoke any rental without a refund if the cart is being used in a way that jeopardizes the safety of our guests or the conditions of the course

Sunset Policy

All golfers with rental carts will be asked to return to the clubhouse at sunset. Sunset is determined by Environment Canada and can be found on their website.